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Holy God

Journey From Belief in God to Spirituality of Experience

by Dara Molloy

54% of the world’s population believe in the one god first described by Moses. This is equivalent to all of the passengers on a boat leaning over one side. The boat is in danger of capsizing.

What if you were to think of your unique perspective on life as being like one of the eyes of a dragon fly? A dragon fly has 25,000 of these mini-eyes. To see the full picture, each of these eyes has to feed its perspective into the fly’s brain. Only by listening to each other and sharing our diverse perspectives and beliefs can we come at a truer picture.

This book makes the following assertions:

  • Monotheism is a denial of diversity. If we all cheer for the one team, what does that do to the league and the championship?
  • Monotheism and its globalisation is the root cause of the loss of diversity on the planet — both biodiversity and cultural diversity. It promotes ‘one size fits all’.

The monotheist religions, such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism, place an emphasis on fixed beliefs to which members must subscribe. Wars have been fought over these beliefs and colonial armies have imposed them across the world. Yet no belief has ever been proven to be either true or false. In reality, people are free to believe anything they like. There are no right or wrong beliefs, because nobody knows. We cannot ever solve the mystery, because we are part of it.

This book illustrates how the monotheist myth is also the root cause of gender inequality, homophobia, racial intolerance, sexual dysfunction, the breakdown of community, and the association of sex with sin and guilt.

The author, Dara Molloy, takes the reader through aspects of his own spiritual journey — from an emphasis on orthodox beliefs in his youth to a practice today he calls A Spirituality of Experience.

A spirituality of experience frees one to believe whatever one wishes while focussing on one’s tangible experiences. This spiritual practice has traditionally been called mysticism and is at the heart of Celtic spirituality.


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