Jung at Heart

Tools for Psychological Hygiene

by Tess Harper-Molloy

There are words that we use in commonplace language without knowing exactly what they mean. Words like introvert, extravert, complexes, archetypes, ego and projection. Introduced and developed by Carl Gustav Jung in his writings, these terms have become a part of our day-to-day vocabularies. However, what many fail to realise is that within these very words there lies a treasure trove of ideas: ideas which, once explored, have huge practical value in our ordinary lives.

Jung at Heart dives into this treasure trove. It explores these concepts, one by one, breaking them down and making them familiar and useful. Setting this book apart is the fact that it is written, not by a trained therapist nor by a professional academic. Rather, it is written by a woman who from 1986 had an ideal environment to apply, in a practical way, Carl Jung’s theories and to learn from them.

The author’s explanations of Jung’s concepts make sense of our behaviour and our interactions with other people in a way that has intuitive resonance. The reader is expected to accept only that which resonates within themselves, to use that which is useful. There is an undeniable relief gained from beginning to understand why we do what we do. Jung’s concepts help us to reach that understanding.


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