Globalisation of God by Dara Molloy

Picture of Dara Molloy Dara Molloy

Dara Molloy is a Celtic monk and priest. He lives on Inis Mór, Aran Islands, with his wife Tess Harper and their four children Tuán, Macha, Surnaí and Anú. Dara came to Inis Mór in 1985 to be a hermit in the footsteps of St Enda, patriarch of Irish monasticism. Inspired by the Celtic monastic tradition, he has created spiritually-based projects on Inis Mór that express that tradition in a contemporary setting: hospitality, organic gardening, ecological building, education, publishing and the development of Celtic ceremonies. Unwilling to be a member of any institutional church or to create a monastic institution of his own, he encourages people to follow their own spiritual path and to draw on the Celtic tradition for their inspiration.

Tess Harper

Tess harper is a writer with a passion for Jungian psychology. Her 12 poems featured in this book have been inspired by her studies of theology in St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, and her subsequent life on Inis Mór.
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