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Jung at Heart

Tools for Psychological Hygiene

by Tess Harper-Molloy

There are words that we use in commonplace language without knowing exactly what they mean. Words like introvert, extravert, complexes, archetypes, ego and projection. Introduced and developed by Carl Gustav Jung in his writings, these terms have become a part of our day-to-day vocabularies. However, what many fail to realise is that within these very words there lies a treasure trove of ideas: ideas which, once explored, have huge practical value in our ordinary lives.

Jung at Heart dives into this treasure trove.

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Holy God

Journey From Belief in God to Spirituality of Experience

by Dara Molloy

54% of the world’s population believe in the one god first described by Moses. This is equivalent to all of the passengers on a boat leaning over one side. The boat is in danger of capsizing.

What if you were to think of your unique perspective on life as being like one of the eyes of a dragon fly? A dragon fly has 25,000 of these mini-eyes. To see the full picture, each of these eyes has to feed its perspective into the fly’s brain. Only by listening to each other and sharing our diverse perspectives and beliefs can we come at a truer picture.

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The Globalisation of God

Celtic Christianity's Nemesis

by Dara Molloy

In today's world, globalisation is a word that describes the ubiquitous spread of multinational corporations and their influence into every region and every country. Those who oppose globalisation today point to the damage it is doing to the natural environment, to cultural heritage and to biological diversity. They argue that it is neither transparent nor accountable, neither ecologically nor economically sustainable and that it puts profit before the democratic will of the people.

This book traces the roots of this globalisation process to a belief in one god who rules the universe.

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Legends in the Landscape

Pocket Guide to Arainn

by Dara Molloy

Legends in the Landscape gathers the myths, legends, folklore and history associated with Árainn - Inis Mór, Aran Islands.

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