One Small Voice (of the faithful)

by Kathy Budreski

  (written a year after the Roman Catholic Church Scandals in Boston, MA 2003)

Can we ‘fix’ it, mend its wounds,
Join with laity in basement rooms?
Read encyclicals, brainstorm, pray?
To do it over, another day?

You cannot meet now in your church,
(Where gram and gramps did their work)
Off we go to Public place,
the Library and other spaces.
Supporting, restructuring, how will it be?
Months of meetings, not much change.
Will it ever rearrange ?

Energy depleted, I crawl into a cave,
retreating, weeping in darkened grave.
Exploring hidden mysteries,
not found in bureaucratic draws.
Away from the light, germs grow spores,
in deep dark soil, rebirth occurs.
Celtic Christianity. A tiger roars.
Dervishes dance. Open the doors!

Off with the costume, it no longer fits.
Try new things in pieces and bits.
Freed of dogmatic dictates, long red tape
Thank You God, for this Grace.

Mystery unfolds, I hear You so clear,
speaking new words that beg to be shared..
You tell me it’s time:
To leave institutional walls
Avoid hierarchal structures,
cold empty halls.
Seek You in nature, Look into eyes,
Feel You in hands of the elderly wise.

You are in every breath. A rainbow appears,
I have not lost my faith, just the church of my years.

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