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The Facts

"Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time"

Dr Robert Carton, a scientist who spent 20 years working for the US Environmental Protection Agency.
The only argument made in favour of fluoridation is that it may reduce tooth decay in children's teeth. However, the contention that fluoridation may reduce tooth decay is a MYTH.

Not one statistically acceptable trial exists which proves that fluoride benefits teeth. Recent worldwide studies, involving 480,000 children, found no significant difference in tooth decay between fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities. In fact one study actually showed that decay was greater in the fluoridated area.

In 1986-1987, in the largest US study into the effects of fluoride, involving 39,207 children aged 5-17, no statistical difference in decay of permanent teeth was found between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas.

Dental health has improved across the board throughout Western Europe since the early 1970's . According to the World Health Organisation the Republic of Ireland currently ranks 6th in terms of dental health of 12-year-olds in Europe. Of the five countries which have lower rates of dental decay, four are completely unfluoridated. Only the U.K., ranking 3rd, has 10% fluoridation. The Irish Department of Health has stated that Irish 5-year-olds have the best dental health in Europe, but they have failed to explain why Ireland drops to sixth place for 12-year-olds. The improvement in dental health is really due to better nutrition and better dental hygiene.

There is ample evidence that fluoridation is harming people's teeth. Fluoridation causes DENTAL FLUOROSIS (white flecks on tooth surface or in severe cases brown pitting/mottling).

According to Prof. Denis O'Mullane, of UCC Cork, Ireland's leading proponent of fluoridation, up to 50% of all Irish children in fluoridated areas are victims of dental fluorosis.

Dental fluorosis is the first sign that your body is overloaded with fluoride. Because the teeth are part of the skeletal system dental fluorosis may also be an indication that your bones are accumulating fluoride, leading to a condition known as skeletal fluorosis, effectively brittle bones.


Crippling skeletal fluorosis may occur in people who have ingested 10-20mg of fluoride per day for 10 to 20 years (equivalent to 2.5 - 5 mg per day for 40-80 years) according to the National Research Council in the USA. In Ireland drinking 4 cups of tea and brushing your teeth twice with fluoride toothpaste may place your daily fluoride intake within these limits.

Since 1990 there are numerous large-scale scientific studies reporting an association between fluoridated water and hip fractures, up to 87% increase in elderly people. However no research into the relationship between fluoridation and increased hip fracture rates in Ireland has been carried out in over 30 years of fluoridation, although the Dublin Dental Hospital were co-researchers in a study which linked increased bone fracture risk with age. A quarter of all hip fracture victims die from them.

Fluoridation is also known to increase osteoporosis, a condition which is increasingly prevalent among Irish women in their 30s and 40s, and not just those in their 50s.


In 1992 a study by the New Jersey Department of Health in the USA found a strong link between fluoridation and bone cancer (osteosarcoma) in young males. They reported that osteosarcoma rates were three to seven times higher in fluoridated areas than non-fluoridated areas. This disease is routinely found to be more common in males than in females and it has been reported that at very low levels fluoride can interfere with the male hormone testosterone.

The Dangers of Fluoride

One in eleven Irish households is exposed to illegal levels of fluoride in their drinking water and the water servicing one in 18 dwellings contains 'inexcusably high' concentrations of the chemical, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Irish legislation demands that the addition of fluoride be restricted to between 800/1000 micrograms per litre of water - a limit lower than that permitted by the EU because Fluoridation was introduced in Ireland in the 1960's, before any European legislation came into effect and has not been revised since.

"The Examiner", Cork, 5/5/99


Studies in China show reduced IQ in children overexposed to fluoride from drinking water. Further effects include memory loss, headache, reduced concentration, depression and confusion. Fluoridation is also implicated in Alzheimers and Dementia.

A study has shown that fluoride combines with aluminium to cross the blood brain barrier, producing similar effects to those found in the brains of Alzheimers sufferers.


Increased fluoride intake has been linked to lowered birth rates and decreased levels of sperm and testosterone in both rats and humans.


Reports of allergic responses to fluoridated water include skin irritations, mouth ulcers, headaches and stomach upset. It also causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). One in five Irish adults suffer from IBS according to a survey presented in June 1998, but no research has looked at the links between it and the fact that many Irish people under the age of 35 have been drinking fluoridated water all their lives. Many of these allergic symptoms can be reversed relatively quickly by switching to non-fluoridated water.


Fluoridation is a sure way of ensuring that fluoride is spread throughout the environment. From toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, farm yards and garages, fluoridated water is flushed away, ultimately going to streams, rivers, lakes and the sea. Fluoride concentrations of half that of artificially fluoridated water have been shown to have lethal effects on "endangered" salmon species. Evidence from the USA has shown that fluoride levels in rivers may be a factor in dwindling salmon stocks. There is no research in Ireland investigating the relationship between over three decades of fluoridation and Ireland's dramatically reduced wild salmon numbers.


Ireland is the only democracy in the world that demands the fluoridation of public drinking water supplies by law.

Water fluoridation goes against the notion of consumer choice. Have you ever considered what your daily fluoride intake is? If you want to reduce it, you can buy flouride-free toothpaste, but if you live in a fluoridated area you have no choice about your tap water!

Fluoridation is untested and unproven mass medication and as everyone swallows different amounts of water the dose of fluoride is uncontrolled.

Enforced uncontrolled medication without our informed consent is a breach of human rights over the individual's freedom to control his/her own bodily processes and standards of human health.

Would you believe ...

· 98% of Europe's drinking water is fluoridation-free · the fluoride added to Irish drinking water is toxic waste from the fertiliser industry · the assertion that fluoride is good for teeth is a myth - in fact countries with the best dental health do not fluoridate drinking water · there is enough fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to kill a small child



In 1960 the Dáil passed the Health (Fluoridation of Water Supplies) Act, allowing artificial fluoride to be added to Ireland's water supply. In 1963 this decision was challenged in the Supreme Court by Dublin Resident Mrs Gladys Ryan. She argued that water fluoridation was akin to mass medication, which was unconstitutional. She lost her case and to this day water fluoridation has been Government policy.

The Government's argument in the Supreme Court challenge was that water fluoridation would be good for Irish teeth. But they never considered the wider health effects that fluoridating water would have. In over 30 years not one Irish study has looked at the effects fluoride has had on anything other than people's teeth. This is despite the fact that international research has shown a relationship between fluoridated water and bone cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, hip fractures, memory loss, genetic damage, depressed thyroid function, immune system damage, infant mortality and lowered IQ.


- Less than 2% of Europe's population have fluoridated water.

- Sweden banned fluoridation in 1971.

- West Germany discontinued fluoridation in 1971.

- Norway rejected fluoridation in 1975.

- Holland banned fluoridation in 1976 and changed its constitution so that it could never again be introduced.

- Denmark rejected fluoridation in 1977. The Minister for Environment stated that "no adequate studies had been carried out on the long term effect on human organ systems".

- France rejected fluoridation in 1980. The Chief of Public Health declared it was too dangerous.

- 25 out of 26 Councils in Northern Ireland have recently rejected fluoridation. Only one small town, Tandragee, is fluoridated.

Only 3% of Spain and 10% of the UK have fluoridation. Many of the European countries who rejected or stopped fluoridation have done so for health, legal or environmental reasons.



Since 1990 over 45 US cities have rejected fluoridation. In 1990 forty US dentists brought a case against the American Dental Association contending that the Association purposefully shielded the public from data that links fluoride to genetic defects, cancer and other health problems. All US fluoride toothpaste must carry a poisons symbol, with a warning to contact the nearest poisons unit if more than a pea sized amount of toothpaste is swallowed.

In 1997 the Union of Government Scientists of the United States Environmental Protection Agency voted unanimously to co-sponsor a Californian initiative to ban fluoridation, stating "Our members' review of the body of evidence over the last 11 years, including animal and human epidemiology studies, indicates a causal [NB CAUSAL] link between fluoride/fluoridation and cancer, genetic damage, neurological impairment and bone pathology".


In April 1999 a leading Canadian fluoride authority, Professor of Dentistry at the University of Toronto and long-standing consultant to the Canadian Dental Association, Dr Hardy Limeback "conceded that fluoride may be destroying our bones, our teeth and our overall health". The Sunday Toronto Star, April 25, 1999.

New Zealand

In 1980 dentist John Colquhoun, then an ardent supporter of fluoridation, was sent by officials from Wellington, the capital, on a world study tour of fluoridation so that he would be qualified to lead a campaign to extend fluoridation in New Zealand. After completing his tour and considering his research he became an outspoken critic of fluoridation. New Zealand remains only partially fluoridated.


Since 1987 concerted efforts and investments have been made to provide defluoridated water in India. In October 1998, Dr.A.K. Susheela, senior fluoride consultant to the Indian Government, in a presentation to the UK Minister of Health, stated that "it is absurd that fluoridation of water is practised in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and other parts of the world. This practice of adding fluoride to drinking water under the assumption that it will prevent Dental Caries (Dental Decay) is unscientific, outdated and unethical".


In the 1970s Dr Albert Schatz (co-discoverer of the antibiotic streptomycin and Nobel Prize Nominee) reported to the Government in Chile that water fluoridation in Latin America was linked to higher rates of infant mortality and deaths resulting from congenital malformation. His findings were enough to persuade the Chilean Government to abandon fluoridation.

VOICE is calling for an immediate repeal of the 1960 Water Fluoridation Act. If you want to end fluoridation in Ireland please contact the Minister for Health and Children, Department of Health and Children, Hawkins House, Dublin 2. Telephone the Dept. of Health at 01 671 4711 and express your concern.

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