ISSUE 26 Tús Millennium 2000

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The Y1K Crisis

What happened at the turn of the first millennium

by Alastair McIntosh



An incisive critique of the dominant economic model in today's world

by Susan George

Celtic Roots

The Irish Celtic Magical Tradition

Tracing the connections between the goddess Brigid and the saint Brigid.

by Peter Vallance

Inner World

Wrestling and Reconciling

Jeff links the death of his own brother to Biblical texts and roots of all violence

by Jeff Dietrich

Live Issues ˇ Health


Questionable claims that fluoridation of drinking water prevents tooth decay hide the evidence of its many negative effects.


Social Analysis

European Kairos Document

The culmination of consultation with thousands of grassroots groups, this document exposes the shadow side of EU policies and calls on the churches to stand up and be counted.

by Kairos Europa

AlternativesÍ Economics

Printing Your Own Money

Local communities learn to protect their local economies by creating their own currencies.

by David Boyle


Feasta - The Economics of Sustainability

A coming together of Irish academics, activists and authors to oppose the growth model in Irish society and to offer an alternative vision.

by Peter Dorman

Churches andÍ Violence

Violence and the Sacred

The myth of Jesus Christ is unique in anthropology in that central to its story is the innocence of the scapegoat.

by Gil Bailie


Only the Poets can Save us Now

Using stories from cultures around the world, Richard bends our ears away from the hypnotic music of progress

by Richard Reese

Creative Writing

Crosses and Tomahawks

A story of a young woman with a longing for another life.

by Geraldine Mills


Wood as Fuel

Densified wood pellets offer an alternative to coal without the pollution

Irish Energy Centre

On the Margins

No Amnesty for Children

Children from various countries in the world whose rights are being denied

by Amnesty International

As Gaeilge

Cúirt an Mhean-Óiche

In this extract, the Fair Lady illustrates the extent she has gone to to get a man, and now fears the onset of grey hairs without one.

by Brian Merriman

Poetry by Tommy Frank O'Connor
  Cartoons by Peter Dorman



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