ISSUE 17 Samhain 1995

Inner World

The Religious Wounding of Women

by Patricia Reilly

Spiritual Living

Soul Friendship

by Edward Sellner

Social Analysis


by Ivan Illich

Celtic Roots

Irish in America, before Columbus

by Ida Jane Gallagher and Barry Fell

Creative Writing

The Family Dog

by Kate Thompson


POLAND - Delivering Itself Up To False Gods

by Lee Hoinacki

Indegenous People

The People of the Great River

by Michael Tremmel and the River Tonga People

On the Margins

Finding My Space

by Guadalupe Rosales

Renouncing Affluence

Hanging to the Cliff Edge

by Charles Gray

Arcaeology of Ideas

Pilgrimage to the Moon

by Gillies Macbain


Beyond Recycling :
Current Priorities

by Tim Cooper


Fortress Europe

by Tony Bunyan

Church and ...Church

Suspending Our Beliefs

by Mathi Zachariah

New Paradigms ...Energy

Ocean Wave Energy

by Brian Ó Gallachóir

Poetry by Patricia Casey


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