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United Nations cyberschoolbus

One of the very best - unstuffy with extensive materials for educators at all levels and ages. Excellent for ideas, information, curriculum suggestions, a bookstore, quizzes, etc. Detailed statistics on 30 areas of interest for 185 countries (see Global Trends). Good onward links.

United Nations Development Programme- Human Development Report A top source of development related information. Summaries of all the Human Development Reports. Useful (and printable) notes on the Human Development Index plus detailed country case studies. The stuff of 'what is development' debates with good onward links to UN system.

UNICEF Source of statistics (on 14 basic issues) by country or region, coloured world maps, definitions (very useful), catalogue, children's rights etc. Detailed information and summaries of the State of the World's Children report. Good links.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees For everything you need to know about refugees, map and text based country specific information, sections on issues with analysis of specific topics, one for teachers (including lesson plans) and a useful summary of the annual State of the World's Refugees.

Womenwatch Very formal UN site for information on women worldwide. Packed with data on general issues as well by region and country. Updates on conferences and issues, a discussion forum and good links to other sites.

Worldwide Governments on the Web Everything you ever wanted to know about governments around the world and more besides. Overviews by region as well as details by individual countries, info. on parliaments, political parties, heads of government etc. Good links to other sites (e.g. the CIA Factbook and good maps). Excellent for research for projects etc.

World Bank Increasingly interesting site with a useful topics in development section (on a huge variety of issues from economics and trade to cities and education), an excellent countries and regions index plus loads of statistics.

Development Assistance Committee of the OECD Site for basic data on a huge range of issues.

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights The site for the full text of many international human rights documents (see the UN Declaration on the Right to Development), summaries of current human rights debates and situations, excellent human rights education section linked to other sites. Hard work but worth it.

United Nations Family Planning Association Useful for detailed information, case studies and statistics, charts, maps and graphs on world population issues.

Irish Aid and the Department for International Development (DfiD) The official sites of the Irish and British Governments' aid programmes. Updates, figures, speeches and onward links.

United Nations Environment Programme Useful for a summary fo the Global Environmental Outlook (GEO 1) which analyses key environmental issues and trends with country and regional overviews and case studies with useful links to other sites.


The Group of 77

Site for the opinions and views as well as the history and documents of the organisation of Third World countries known as the group of 77 (now the group of 132). An excellent site for Third World perspectives not normally available elsewhere.

Afronet Zambia based site on human rights and development, news stories, backgrounders, viewpoints on a range of issues and countries from a radical perspective with useful onward links.

Focus on the Global South Thailand based site providing alternative development and human rights focus on Asia, South-East Asia and broader global issues (see especially the Focus Concept paper and the publications for an overview).

Arabnet A great site for information and resources on the Arab World, the Middle East and North Africa. Country by country data on the history, geography, culture etc. - invaluable (see the history sections particularly). Watch out for the ABC of Camels, the ABC of Arab Cuisine and Arabic Names - great fun and good background especially for young ages.

North American Congress on Latin america Although based in the US, this organisation and site will provide excellent, detailed information on Latin America. The site has excellent links to a huge variety of other sites in Latin America (for those with Spanish and Portuguese).

Alternative Information and Development Centre, South africa An information, research and education site providing a Southern African perspective on development and human rights issues - includes a newsletter, archives and a useful list of other sites in the region and internationally.

Africa News Although US based, this non-profit news service provides wonderful research, study and discussion material on all things African (by region also) plus excellent resources and onward links. Fills in the gaping holes left by other news sources.

Brazilian Justice and Peace Service (SEJUP) A superb site - focused on things Brazilian with updates, brilliant (and immediately useable) case studies on a huge range of topics (endless project and debate materials), links to other Brazilian sites (newspapers, magazines etc., see Walters Brazilian Megalinks - including cartoon of the day!) An absolute must - a top tenner!

Sangonet The Southern Africa Non-profit Internet Service homepage with lists of links to a host of other sites and organisations dealing with issues such as development, human rights, education, etc. A good place to start.

The Grameen Bank World famous people's bank based in Bangladesh. Great material and case studies on women and development and related issues with links to similar projects in Africa and Asia


Education Index

A must- an unstuffy guide to the best and most useful education related sites on the Web. An immense amount of usable informations subject by subject (agriculture through geography to women's studies) and by age. Discussion forum. Extremely usuable. One of the top ten.

Artists against Racism A top ten sitewith news and views from various artists. Resources, a shop (cool T-Shirts, etc.) the Violet Ribbon Campaign Against Racism, how to get involved and good educational materials including class notes, articles etc. A real winner.

Geography World Information, ideas, quizzes etc. on a huge range of topics from ecosystems via cultures (Africa etc.) to population (35 items on this alone !) to educational media. Packed with usable stuff and awesome pictures of its webmaster ! In the top ten.

Youth in Action An excellent youth social action site (top 10) on human rights and environment. Ideas for learning, communication and taking action. Backgrounders on specific issues. You need to register (for free!).

BBC Education A huge variety of information and articles on educational issues. An excellent guide to good education sites by subject, individual stories etc. Watch out for the Learning Station.

Educational Resources Information Centre The major site to go in search of documents and research and educationnal issues, a treasure trove.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute The basics on military expenditure, who makes what and who buys it, information by country and region, a summary of the SIPRI Yearbook, some facts sheets and onward links.

Millennium Institute Overview of key global 'critical issues' on development and environment (under four headings - 'safe', 'approaching danger', 'dangerously high' 'and don't know yet'), excellent summary statistics and overview of critical issues with useful comments on the role of different faiths. Good links.

Cartoon Web The sites of Cartoonists and Writers Syndicate. Has cartoons of the day, international (and Third World) cartoons, list of individual cartoonists as well as purchasing option. Good fun with no teaching ideas in sight.

Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity Based at the University of Ulster, a briliant site for research work on ethnic studies, conflicts worldwide, and human rights. Includes excellent country and regional reports, updates and briefings on specific conflicts (e.g. Sudan and Kosovo), thematic guides (e,g, Women and Conflict, Truth and Reconciliation etc.).

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library A major source for copies of all human rights documents (historical ones, also), an excellent human rights education section with great links to a large number of related organisations and sites.

Fight Racism One World linked site organised with Solidar- provides information and ideas for actions against racism on a variety of fronts- food, music, language, conventions and laws, 'popular' prejudices etc.

Northern Ireland Network for Education (NINE) Fast track access to relevant materials for education organised by subject and by key stages. Links to sites organised by key stage. An excellent 'staffroom' and section for sharing resources - with online teaching resources -(you can share yours also). Good onward links including those for development and human rights education.

Women and the Third World Rich site on women and development with updates, viewpoints, statistics and case studies with excellent onwards links on women's perspectives on a range of issues.

INK Dedicated to the promotion of alternative publications in UK, including the Aisling Magazine.

Omslag OMSLAG, 'Workshop for Sustainable Development', in The Netherlands. A new (non-profit) public information service on 'Different Ways of Housing and Living'. This service consists of an actual website, and a documentation-centre with the (Dutch) magazine 'ZOZ'.

Feasta Feasta's Mission is to identify the economic characteristics that Irish society must have in order to be economically, environmentally and culturally sustainable and to share this analysis with the widest audience possible.

Gyreum A rural retreat in County Sligo, Ireland.

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