Living (and Publishing) in "Right Relationship"

Editorial of First Issue

An Inside-Out Magazine.

by Tess Harper and Dara Molloy

Beginning this magazine was like following an inevitable next step - from the inside out. From the outside-in people gasped in alarm. "What are they taking on now!" and "Where will they get the womanpower/manpower?" There were a thousand and one precautions, cautions, and warning signals. Well, perhaps I exaggerate. But certainly, it has been a leap of faith, as all significant steps are.

From the outstart we knew we must tread carefully, but tread we must! And the result is a platform for dreams, as well as a serious attempt to name what IS, from a perspective that spells hope and brings new life, even as the Spring is breathed in now after the storms and gales of Winter.

The foundation for this magazine is a solid one. The EARTH. In its pages there is a deep respect and love for everything that is living, including the very stones. Its rhythms follow the rhythms of nature: Spring through to Summer, Autumn, and then Winter. It is call is to be in right relationship with the environment and to acknowledge the Divine in the natural world.

Each issue also marks the ancient symbols of the Irish race: Imbolc, the ancient fertility festival associated with the Goddess Brigit; Bealtaine, meaning the month of Bel, of whom it is said that a fire was lit in his name at the beginning of Summer and cattle were driven between two fires made by druids as a safeguard against disease; Lughnasa, Feast of the God Lú one of the principal gods of the Tuatha Dé Danann — the sun god, god of genius and light; and Samhain, the Celtic New Year when the gateway between this world and the Other World opens and people can pass from one to the other.

In naming what IS, we call on some of the greatest thinkers of our times, challenging us to question our assumptions, to look beneath the rotting carpet of modern society and give sunlight to the faded grass below. Many of the certainties we now hold have had a beginning, they may too have an end.

It is important the The AISLING is not just a magazine, but rather a form of art which moves and inspires people to claim their own power and live their own dreams. Only in so doing can we have any impact on a world that badly needs wisdom and beauty over foolish greed and ugliness. There is a call for a firm hand and steady heart as we take up the plough. Dia linn.