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Courage Sister, you do not walk alone

Prominent Americans Speak Out

Returning to our Senses, by David Abram

No to Militarization of Europe, AFRI-Action from Ireland

McTheories and McFallacies, by Niaz Alam

No Amnesty for Children, by Amnesty International

Wind Energy, by Crispin Aubrey

Violence and the Sacred, by Gil Bailie

The Mystery of Sin, by Gil Bailie

Night Eyes, by Marc Ian Barasch

Global Pop -The Sound of Money, by Richard Barnett & John Cavanagh

Bishop Samuel Ruiz and the Zapatistas, by David Batstone

Thoughts in the Presence of Fear, by Wendell Berry

The Five Invasions of Ireland, by Steve Blamires

Aphrodite's Daughters, by Jalaja Bonheim

Printing your own money, by David Boyle

Fortress Europe, by Tony Bunyan

How can we buy the air?, by Chief Seattle

Real Change or New Image?, by Coalition Briefing

The Story of Befana, retold by Aine Maire Chadwick

Chatting with Chomsky

Beyond Recycling: Current Priorities, by Tim Cooper

Longer Lasting Products, by Tim Cooper

Longer Life Better Than Reincarnation, by Tim Cooper

Basic Income, by CORI

Why Protest Against The Euro, by Anthony Coughlan

Persistent Pollution, by Carol Dansereau

Hunger, Debt and Structural Adjustment, by the Debt and Development Coalition

Resisting the False Self, by Jeff Dietrich

The Great Cathedral Caper, by Jeff Dietrich

Wrestling and Reconciling, by Jelf Dietrich

Star Wars, by Jeff Dietrich

The Tobin Tax on International Finance, by John Dillon

International Trading Relationships - a new form of colonialism, by Carol Dorgan

The Car Debate, by Mark Doris

Feasta, by Peter Dorman

Sustainable Territories, by Richard Douthwaite

Good Growth and Bad Growth, by Richard Douthwaite

Resistance to Globalization, East and Central European Christian Churches

The Other Europe, by European Anti-Poverty Network Ireland

Growing without Education, by Aaron Falbel

This Habit of Mine, by Toni Flynn

Connecting Thread, by Maura Freeman

Irish in America, before Columbus, by Ida Jane Gallagher and Barry Fell

Neo-liberalism, by Susan George

Another World is Possible, by Susan George

Oops Apocalypse!, by David Gibson

10 Taxes for a Better World, by Alexander M. Gillies

Hanging to the Cliff Edge, by Charles Gray

The Nuts and Bolts of Living on Less, by Charles Gray

Encouraging Self-Healing, by Charles Gray

Something for Nothing, by Charles Gray

Shelter Strategies, by Charles Gray

Slowing down to Enjoy Life, by Charles Gray

Repaying our Debt to the Poor, by Charles Gray

Planetary Hospitality, by Veronica Green

The Eros of Everyday Life, by Susas Griffin

Art As A Weapon of Protest, by Jay Griffiths

The Afghan Death-Toll, by The Guardian

Migrants and Refugees, by Nonoi Hacbang

Birthing the Conscious Feminine, by Tess Harper

Seattle from the Inside, by Paul Hawken

Dream Day, by Donagh Healy

Drifting Towards A Homogenised Future, by Michael D. Higgins

Still Life, by Jacqueline Hodnett

POLAND - Delivering Itself Up To False Gods, by Lee Hoinacki

How to be a Good Wife, Housekeeping Monthly

Columbia in the News, by Marcel Idels

Health, by Ivan Illich

Death Undefeated, by Ivan Illich

Illich Quotations

Land of Found Friends, conversation with Ivan Illich, Jerry Brown, and Carl Mitcham

Philosophy... Artifacts... Friendship, by Ivan Illich

Wood as Fuel, by Irish Energy Centre

European Kairos Document, by Kairos

Towards a Just International Financial System, by Kairos Europa

Romantic Ireland is Dead and Gone, by Declan Kiberd

What's in Your Food?, by David King

Human Cloning -Without Our Consent, by David King

How Poems Happen, by Barbara Kingsolver

Jubilee - The Biblical Vision, by Ross Kinsler

Wear Fair, by the Labour Behind the Label Campaign

"Daughter, I AM proud...", by Lora

Why Not a Car-Free City?, by Francois Lyon

Landmines - Global Pollution, by Caroline Lynch

Saint Mac Dara’s Island, by R.A.S. Macalister

Pilgrimage to the Moon, by Gillies Macbain

The Mind of the Bee, by Gillies Macbain

Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, by Gillies Macbain

Enter the Labyrinth, by Cathy Madison

Homelessness, by Peter Marin

The Worldwide Citizen's Movement, by Gustave Massiah

Irish Families in America, by Monica McGoldrick

Irish Families - Part Two, by Monica McGoldrick

Theology Rocks Superquarry Project, by Alastair McIntosh

Deep Ecology and the Last Wolf, by Alastair McIntosh

The Y1K Crisis, by Alastair McIntosh

Communities of Place, by Alastair MacIntosh

Humour, by Damian McShane

Environmental Update: Damage Report, by Donella H. Meadows

Cúirt an Mheán Oíche, by Brian Merriman

Cúirt an Mheán Oíche, by Brian Merriman

Cúirt an Mhean-Oíche, by Brian Merriman

Cúirt an Mhean-Oíche, by Brian Merriman

Cúirt an Mheán-Oíche, by Brian Merriman

Cuirt an Mhean-Oiche, by Brian Merriman

Cuirt an Mhean-Oiche, by Brian Merriman

Child not Mine, by Brenda Miller

Beyond the Split, by Geraldine Mills

Crosses and Tomahawks, by Geraldine Mills

The Great God Pan is Alive, by John Hanson Mitchell

Corporate Predators, by Russell Mokhiber Robert Weissman

EU Phone-Tapping Extension, by Dara Molloy

Ivan Illich 1926-2002,  by Dara Molloy

Multilateral Agreement on Investment, by Dara Molloy

Spirituality and Sustainability, by Dara Molloy

The Millennium Crone, by Brid Murphy

Tribal Totems and Clan Trees, by Michael Newton

The Secret Language of the Wild, by Jim Nollman

Toibreacha Beannaithe, by Pádraig Ó Ceallaigh

Colm Cille 597 - 1997, by Pádraig Ó Fiannachta

Feile na Bealtaine, by Pádraig Ó Fianachta

Ocean Wave Energy, by Brian Ó Gallachóir

Ár bPaidreacha Féin, by Diarmuid Ó Laoghaire, S.J.

Stages in Psychological Growth, by Cully Ó Muirí

O'Gorman's Grocery Store, by Paul O'Brien

Genetic Engineering through the Smokescreen, by Dr. Tim O'Brien

Druids in History, by Maria Palmer

Shut Up and Listen, by John Papworth

Farmers' Markets, by Alison Peacock

Meaningful Work - CORI, edited by Alison Peacock

TV as Technically Mediated Alienation, by Mario Petrucci

Jubilee 2000, by Ann Pettifor

Prey to a Crocodile, by Val Plumwood

Conversation, by Majid / Ivan Rahnema / Illich

Only the Poets can Save us Now, by Richard Adrian Reese

Only Poets Can Save us Now, by Richard Reese

Christianity - Time to Rethink, by Rev. Donald Reeves

The Religous Wounding of Women, by Patricia Reilly

The Story of Oisin and Tir na Nog, by Michael Roberts

Sheela-Na-Gigs, by Jack Roberts and Joanna McMahon

In the Footsteps of Columba, by President Mary Robinson

Theological Reflections on Transport Policy, by John Rogerson

Awakening to the Goddess, by Marguerite Rogoglioso

Finding My Space, by Guadalupe Rosales

Spiritual Regeneration, by Craig Russell

No Sustainability Without Development, by Wolfgang Sachs

Bargaining for the Rest of Nature, by Wolfgang Sachs

The Luddites, by Kirkpatrick Sale

The Crimean Tatars, by Renart Saranayer

Success Story in Brazil, by Stephen Schwartzman

Soul Friendship, by Edward Sellner

Early Celtic Soul Friendship, by Ed Sellner

Heavenly Fire: Celtic Spirituality and Intimations of the Future, by Ed Sellner

The Double Archetype, by Ed Sellner

The Early Christian Church as an Ecclesian Entity, by Ed Sellner

A Dream, by John Seymour

Overwhelmed by the World, by Maggie Oman Shannon

My Search for a Deeper Spirituality, by Tony Shields

The Masculisation of Agriculture, by Vandana Shiva

Old Heresies Never Die, by Bennett Simms

Leadership to Change the world, by Bennett J. Sims

Say ‘Yes’ to Same-Sex Unions, by Bishop Bennett Sims

If I Had a Hammer, by Chris Sorochin

I Met with the Bomb, by Chris Sorochin

The Future Church: A Speculative Dream, part. I, by John Shelby Spong

The Future Church: A speculative dream, part. II, by John Shelby Spong

Deciding When to Die, by Averil Stedeford

The Cult of Efficiency, by David Stein

Wexford’s Great French Waste Burner Stitch-Up, by William Sutherland

Imagination, by Laura Swall

Sustainable Architecture and Culture, by Matthew Fooks and David Sydes

Degrees of Theology, by Brian Terrell

The Family Dog, by Kate Thompson

The People of the Great River, by Michael Tremmel and the River Tonga People

The Irish Celtic Magical Tradition, by Peter Vallance

Rehabilitating Our Criminals, by Brendan Walsh

Justice at Greenock, by Alan Wilkie

A Theology that Comes from the Flesh, by Leslie Wirpsa

Suspending Our Beliefs, by Mathi Zachariah

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