Featured Artist

Kit Wray

I have always loved drawing. After a year at NYU I quit to concentrate on art. I had two years at the Art Student's College in NY followed by a two year fellowship to paint at The American Academy in Rome. I also received a two year grant in Figurative Art from the Greenshield's Organisation in Montreal, Quebec.
While still in Italy, meditating before Michelangelo's 'Medici' Madonna
in Florence, I was powerfully touched by the feminine aspect of Divinity. This experience initiated a life-long connection to the 'Goddess'.
My path has taken me through many spiritual traditions but I was eventually drawn, through Taoism and Earth Religions, back to my Celtic Roots.
When I first heard the name 'Danu' it rang like a bell at the deepest level of my being. This was about nine years ago. From that moment forward I have connected with the Goddess as Danu and my life has sometimes, I feel, been directed by her.
As a man, I feel sometimes alone with this orientation to the Goddess. But this is the basis and focus of my artwork as well as my spiritual life.

Featured Poet

Mary Gukian

I was into my late thirties before I started writing poetry but had always kept diaries and have some very interesting information from the small farm where I was reared in Co. Leitrim. I was born at Kiltoghert, near
Carrick-on-Shannon, in 1942.
My first work was published by the Leitrim Guardian. I have been a member of the Rathmines Writers for the past six years and we have brought out seven books to date. While with them I improved my writing and have, since that time, had a lot of work published and read on the radio.
I have lived for short periods in Sydney, Tasmania, Oxford and the Channel Islands and now work at the Institute of Public Administration Library in Dublin.